What if the Griswolds had flown to Wally World?

posted by arbogast @ 1:19pm, Tuesday 21 January 2014.

Think about it. What if the Griswolds had flown to Wally World? 

For starters, National Lampoon's Vacation probably would have been a pretty anticlimactic movie.
Although flying is commonplace in many family vacations, the entire process of waiting at the airport and having to have your bags checked combined with the hassle and cost of having to rent a car once you get to your destination makes the whole thing a double-edged sword.

The cost of a plane ticket these days can rise or fall almost without warning and increasing fuel prices is making the option of renting a car much more expensive than it used to be.  Also, don't forget you're going to have to pay for lodging of some sort.

Even after your vacation is over, you still have to deal with more airport waiting for checked luggage, and that is assuming there are no delays or unexpected layovers on either end of the trip.  The important thing to remember is flying may be the fastest mode of travel, but is also the most expensive.

Whatever happened to the good old American road trip?

Road trips are about the thrill of the unknown and the victorious feeling of accomplishment once you get there. No waiting in lines, no delays, no having to get stuck sitting next to the guy who falls asleep on your shoulder or in front of the crying baby who settles down once your plane's landed. It's just you, your family and the open road.

Believe it or not, RVs are one of the most convenient ways to experience the classic American road trip. The cost of traveling in an RV is also significantly less than the cost of the classic fly-drive-hotel vacation.

With an RV, the lodging is free because you own the room. Also, you don't have to spend a ton going out to eat all the time because you have the luxury of your own galley with an RV.

The fun in the journey is getting there. With all the sights there are to see, you shouldn't have to miss anything because you were soaring in an airliner 30,000 feet above the country. This is what's great about an RV - it provides you with a much more intimate traveling experience.

Originally posted by: Darrin Michael on Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

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