A Few Things About the Coachmen RV Brand...

posted by arbogast @ 3:00pm, Tuesday 11 February 2014.

Coachmen has been a trusted name in the RV manufacturing industry for decades. However, before investing a serious amount of money into a product that can virtually become your home, consider the reasons that the company has distinguished itself from its competitors. Familiarizing yourself with the following facts about this company will help to solidify the trust you can put into their products.

Coachman has been in business for over fifty years.

This time has allowed them to specialize their designs in ways that meet the specific demands of the customers they service. In other words, all the kinks have been worked out. There is nothing but quality craftsmanship coming off the Coachmen design floor.

This company is dedicated to product development that is customer friendly. This motto means that they do not include gadgets and upgrades that are useless to the consumer. Every element of each RV is purposefully included to assist the user efficiently and conveniently.

The designs focus on simplicity.

Simplicity and functionality are the key to efficient and elegant design. The frill that can complicate items and cause them to break prematurely is not part of the way their engineers think. Reliability is also a major concern for Coachmen. Providing reliable equipment means that they use only the highest quality parts and methods of construction. These vehicles are often faced with long hours and rough terrain. To be there for the customer, Coachmen uses the best materials available to them. Coachmen also encourages the RV culture. Explorers and campers can make their excursions a way of life. The Coachmen owners association allows Coachmen owners to communicate about new products and outstanding destinations. The Owners Association gives customers access to dozens of perks which include special deals on products and organized specialty events. New buyers receive one year of free membership to the club.

Roadside assistance is also part of becoming a member of the Coachmen family.

One year membership in this program is included with the purchase of your first RV. The program offers help 24 hours a day. Coachmen values the safety and comfort of their customers. The environment is a friend of the Coachmen name as well. RVs are built to explore nature. Coachmen strives to keep the world beautiful and healthy by incorporating green materials in their construction and production. They meet the green standard through a third-party verification by TRA Certification. All RVs use low-emission systems and recycled products take precedence. The promise of Coachmen is backed up with service and support. All warranties are comprehensive, and any RV can serviced with a smile at any of their dealer locations. A hot line is also provided for emergency situations where a service station may not be accessible.

Originally posted by: Darrin Michael on Friday, 07 December, 2012

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