Mercedes-Benz Showcases Sprinter Caravan Concept in Dusseldorf.

posted by arbogast @ 10:19am, Wednesday 12 February 2014.

Here in the U.S., the Sprinter van has long been known as the best conversion van for camping or those long road excursions.

At the recent Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany, Mercedes-Benz showcased their own foray into the camping van community with their luxury concept Sprinter Caravan motorhome. The Caravan Salon is Europe's premier recreation vehicle trade show and Mercedes-Benz's concept caravan garnered quite a bit of interest.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz's Sprinter vans are converted into the perfect small camper by several companies both here and in Canada. The debut of the German company's Sprinter Caravan might signal their entrance into the world of motorhome production.

Sprinter camping vans are incredibly popular with Class B motorhome aficionados. Although tall, they handle and ride like a regular SUV with a footprint that is not too much longer than a Suburban. A Sprinter can easily negotiate the hazards of urban traffic and the pitfalls of parking lots and still get you out into the wilderness in comfort.

Extra seating and good maneuverability make Sprinter camping vans capable of doing double duty as urban people movers. This second life makes Class B campers much less expensive to own, which is one reason for their popularity. Sprinters also get much better gas mileage compared to gas guzzling full-sized RVs.

Sales of Sprinter camping vans have increased dramatically the past few years. Some extremely popular brands include Airstream's Interstate van, Winnebago's ERA camper and Road Trek's RS Adventurous and SS-Agile. Both Road Trek and Winnebago's Sprinter floor plans are similar and provide seating for five or more and sleeping for two. Considered the ultimate Class B, Airstream's Interstate is as well-appointed and luxurious as you would expect from this iconic manufacturer.

The company which holds the number one spot for Sprinter sales is Road Trek, out of Ontario, Canada. Most Road Trek customers are retirees in their mid-60s just getting a foothold in the motorhome life. Airstream is finding good traction for their motorhomes with younger, affluent buyers who want a weekend touring vehicle that provides comfort and luxury. Winnebago's ERA is also popular with the retired set, but increasingly sales are trending towards families with kids involved in traveling sports teams.

Whether or not Mercedes-Benz actually goes to production with its concept Sprinter camping van, they have thought through the details. This van coddles its occupants with genuine Mercedes automobile leather on the seats, Corian countertops and LED lighting throughout the vehicle. The white and grey interior is sharp and nautical feeling. The bathroom stands out from competitors' models with plenty of room to maneuver and a built-in dresser. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Caravan concept is luxury camping in an efficient, beautiful and maneuverable package.

Originally posted by: Darrin Michael on Wednesday, 11 September, 2013 

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