10 Must-Have RV Accessories You May Not Think You Need

You just bought your first RV. You’re excited. You’re nervous. You’re ready to hit the road and get your camp on! You are standing in the RV parts store like a kid in a candy store…then, you suddenly feel overwhelmed. Well, let us help you with our list of 10 must-have RV accessories that you may never have thought of on your own. We want you to be able to hit the road with as little worry as possible! Check out our list below and we would love to hear what your favorite RV accessories are!



  • Disposable Gloves
    • Used for touching the sewer hose and dumping gray and black tanks.
  • Longer Sewer Hose
    • 15’-20’ is recommended as the standard hose can be a tight stretch.
  • Surge Protector
    • This saves your RV from over and under voltage by automatically shutting off to save your RV electrical system. (Be sure to get the correct amperage, 30 or 50).
  • Walkie Talkies
    • When you’re in an area with little to no cell service, these come in handy to keep in touch with your fellow campers.
  • Travel Laundry Bag
    • To make carrying your dirty laundry to be laundered easy and less cumbersome.
  • Cast Iron Skillet
    • Perfect for cooking inside or over the fire and food tastes much better!
  • Kitchen Knife Set with Covers
    • Safer and easier to store in the drawer.
  • Adjustable Folding Table
    • A table like this is multi-functional. Perfect to adjust the sitting height for the kids or use a lap desk while lying in bed!
  • Battery Pack
    • Perfect to keep your electronics charged when away from a power outlet or while boon-docking.
  • Water Pressure Regulator
    • Makes sure the water pressure isn’t too high to damage your RV pipes.
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