5 Tips for Cleaning Your RV Awning

Everyone loves being able to enjoy the summer sun without being directly exposed and getting too hot. Your RV awning provides you with enough shade to keep you from getting overheated. RV awnings are often overlooked and not properly cared for so here are five tips from Dave Arbogast RV Depot on how to give your awning the TLC it deserves!

Know Your RV Awning Fabric Type:

RV awnings are made out of acrylic or vinyl. Both fabrics have advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is always a good idea to understand which awning material you have so you can properly care for your RV awning.

Acrylic: This fabric allows air to circulate and is made of a water repellant woven cloth. They are not waterproof and take a few hours to dry.

Vinyl: This fabric is strong and durable. It is mildew resistant (not mildew proof) and it is stain resistant. However, vinyl can easily collect dust and dirt making it more susceptible to mildew, especially when exposed to high humidity on a regular basis.

Visually Inspect Your RV Awning:

Before your first camping trip, make sure to inspect the entire trailer but don’t forget about your awning. Roll out your awning and visually inspect the fabric. Make sure to check for tears, runs, holes or any detachment. Look for any signs of mildew or stains. If you’re having trouble or are unable to extend your awning, make sure to take it to a professional like the service department at Dave Arbogast RV Depot. Awnings can be dangerous and tricky to work on and clean, so make sure to always have a professional handle it if you have any trouble.

Keep Your RV Awning Clean:

Most RV Awnings can be hosed off but for additional cleaning information we suggest reading your manufacturer owner’s manual or brochure for RV awning cleaning directions. Also, make sure you are using soap specifically for RV awnings and never use an oil based or abrasive cleaner on your awning fabric. The parts store at Dave Arbogast RV Depot does stock a selection of RV soap available for purchase.

Always Allow Time For Your RV Awning To Dry:

Never store the RV awning when the fabric is wet. Always allow enough time for the fabric to dry completely before storing the awning. If you store the RV awning while wet it can lead to your RV awning having mold.

Never Leave Your RV Awning Unattended

Since RV awnings are unable to withstand strong winds or heavy rains, it is best to put it away when you leave your campsite or go to bed for the evening. This way if there is a storm or heavy wind gust in the middle of the night your RV awning will not be damaged.

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