Floating On Air


Airstream Interstate Extended now has a new option: Rear Air Ride Suspension

Along with all of the other new features and floor plans Airstream Interstate has added for 2016, their Interstate Lounge Extended motorhomes can be equipped with rear air ride suspension – installed right at the factory. This option is Mercedes-Benz approved and  Airstream is certified to install right at the factory in Jackson Center, Ohio.

The benefits of having this system installed are:

  • Overall Stability of The Vehicle Improves
  • Overall Drivablity of The Vehicle Improves
  • Increased Comfort of Passengers
  • Consistent Ride Height and Reduced Sagging or Leaning (No matter the load and also when towing)
  • Adjustable Lowering Function for Easier Loading of Passenger and/or Contents
  • Adjustable Raising Function for Easier Access to the Undercarriage
  • Less Wear on Tires and Brakes

Software is integrated into the Mercedes-Benz ESC (electronic stability control) system through an electronic control unit that automatically monitors and adjusts the ride height of  the  vehicle. When the vehicle is parked, standing still, it can be lowered (2.5 inches) or raised  (1 inch) by the handheld controller. These adjustments can only be made while the vehicle is standing still. When driving, the system is automatic and doesn’t allow for adjustments

Existing rear suspension parts are replaced by a complete air-suspension system including:

  • Air Springs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Compressor
  • Electronic Control Units
  • Over 50 Components
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