Handyman Specials

Where are all my DIY’ers?? These specials are just for YOU!

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Instead of sending these fixer-uppers to the auction, we are giving the public the opportunity to ‘see the potential’ that these RVs have so you can turn them into your very own, one-of-a-kind home-away-from-home.

Not only will you save A LOT of money, but you also get to create something tailored to your needs and wants! With some elbow grease and some TLC, they have the potential to become something phenomenal. Think of the fun, frustration, learning, and accomplishment these ‘diamonds in the rough’ could bring you. Instead of just sitting around waiting for next camping season, why not start a project and have a unique trailer or motorhome to show to all your travel buddies?

No need to scour newspapers or other advertisements, we have what you’re looking for right here! And if we don’t have something that tickles your fancy, let our RV Cowboy, Chris Heidenreich lasso up exactly what you’re looking for.

Find YourDiamond in the Rough1







Once you find that perfect fixer upper for you, check out the Arbogast Pinterest page for renovation ideas. There are limitless storage ideas, upgrade ideas, and ways to personalize! The possibilities are endless when you start from scratch and even if you’re just upgrading the existing features, the sky is the limit for you creatively! While you are browsing our pinterest page for reno. ideas, check out our other boards about how to RV with pets, RV cleaning tips, general information that you may not have known, and more!

Think of the accomplishment you will feel when this labor of love is all said and done, not to mention the awesome one-of-a-kind RV that you have created! We would absolutely LOVE to see your DIY fixer uppers when you’re all finished! We would, with your permission of course, like to feature you on our website to offer inspiration to other’s who are taking on the journey of creating the RV of their dreams!


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